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Giro helmets are prized by skiers and boarders alike. They are complemented by a growing line of Giro Snow Goggles. We designed an injection molded plastic Goggle Holder that can function alone on a slat wall or countertop. It can also be stacked up to 3 high. The side "wing" displays the goggle's graphics. Slots in the top accept interchangeable feature benefit cards. The Giro logo is pad printed on the bottom lip and on the back.


Giro is one of the most respected brands in the bicycle world. Their helmets are used by millions – from Tour de France winners to casual commuters. Their product offerings have grown and now include cycling shoes. They asked us to design a Shoe Shelf that would present their shoes on a crowded shoe wall in an independent bicycle dealer. They also asked that the Shelf provide unexpected and unique ways of showing the shoes to draw the customer's eye. The winged shape of the Shelf communicates lightness and also allows the Shoe to be held horizontally, toe down, or toe up. This subtle, yet dynamic, detail sets the Shoes apart and elevates the brand.

Giro Shoe Shelves

The new Giro shoes and accompanying shelves were universally hailed by retailers for their high quality and well thought out details. The Shoes have been a huge success, leading to several re-orders of the unique Shoe Shelves.


To broaden their distribution and satisfy the needs of smaller retailers, Giro again brought us in to design a more compact countertop display. The display needed to family with the other, larger predecessors, but be smaller and more cost-effective. The requirements for the display included: Small footprint; Moveable shelves; Lazy susan; Lockable; Strong branding

Giro Eyewear - Compact Countertop Display

An initial order of displays was distributed throughout the US and Europe. Retailers were quick to embrace the small size and flexibility of the display. Giro's product managers and distributors appreciate that the displays opened more doors. The displays provided expanded sales opportunities, as Giro's eyewear gained traction in the highly competitive world of performance eyewear.


Giro introduced a new line of advanced, high performance snow goggles and sunglasses. They needed a retail display system that would immediately establish the new line's credibility and place them in direct competition with other well-known brands. The visual elements to be incorporated included acrylic, curved wood, and brushed metals. The system had to communicate high quality, high performance, and high-perceived value. Giro recognized that their leadership position in the bike and snow markets demanded that the displays reinforce their commitment to the advanced products that were the basis for their continuing success.

Giro Eyewear Display System

The world-wide rollout of the new system was extensive, with a large quantity of the acrylic cases ordered initially. A corresponding quantity of the smaller elements was ordered as well. Displays shipped to independent bicycle dealers, ski and snow shops, sporting goods retailers, and specialty stores around the world.


Giro helmets dominate both the bicycle and snow sports markets. To further enhance their retail presence, they required a head form display that could function on a 4 way apparel rack. The display was intended to increase cross-merchandising opportunities within the snow and bicycle channels. The head form needed to accommodate bicycle and snow sports helmets, as well as newly developed goggles and sunglasses. It needed to be adjustable up and down to account for a variety of different 4 ways. Giro required that it be strongly branded and include the ability to add interchangeable Feature Benefit cards.

Giro Head Form

Concept Designs designed a sculpted headform with subdued, yet striking features that provide simple but strong support for the products. Subtle ridges on the sides of the head accommodate goggle straps and sunglass temples. Giro placed an initial order of Head Forms that was widely distributed throughout snow sports and independent bicycle dealer channels, helping Giro strengthen its position in these markets.


Responding to requests from both domestic and international retailers, Giro required a means to display from 12 to 16 bike or snow helmets on a strongly branded, yet compact, "tree". The display needed to accommodate existing molded plastic helmet holders. The display had to be easy to assemble and ship in UPS-able boxes.

Giro Compact Helmet Tree

Concept Designs conceived a simple square steel column, slotted at intervals to accept helmet holders at varying heights. The column mounts to a black mdf base. The Giro logo is repeated on a 2-sided rotatable header and silk screened on 2 sides of the column. Bike and snow retailers responded enthusiastically to this "next generation" member of the Giro display family. The initial order of "trees" was quickly placed. European retailers in particular appreciate Giro's response to their challenge of limited space.


As the dominant provider of helmets to cycling and snow enthusiasts, Giro sought to cement their leadership position with a Helmet Cart. This new addition to Giro's family of retail displays presented a number of challenges. The requirements for the cart included: Flexible capacity; Materials to match current look and feel of Giro's display family; Dramatic, "edgy" look to appeal to a younger customer; Accommodate at least 6 sample helmets, on Giro helmet holders; Adjustable mirror; Cross merchandising opportunities; Small footprint and mobility; Strong branding to re-affirm Giro's recently introduced logo.

Giro Helmet Cart

An initial order of carts was produced and distributed to Giro snow and bicycle retailers in the United States and Europe. The cart and its companion helmet "tree" are key elements as Giro expands its already powerful presence in these competitive markets.


Giro helmets dominate both the bicycle and snow markets. Concept Designs conceived a new display tower to help reinforce that leadership position. The requirements for the tower were: Flexible capacity - hold from 20 to 28 helmets; Mix of materials to reflect the different markets and to provide an updated visual approach (since this display is replacing an existing "tree" that's been in use for 3 years); Dramatic, "edgy" look to appeal to a younger customer; Must accommodate new injection molded slat wall helmet brackets; Small footprint; Strong branding; Durable construction; Needs to last at least 3 years; Easy to assemble and packable in UPS shipable boxes.

Giro Helmet Tree

Originally, Giro wanted to do only a limited run of snow helmet trees domestically. However, the introduction of the prototype at the SIA tradeshow generated such positive response that the display was adapted to include both bike and snow helmets, and distribution was expanded to include Europe as well as the US. Giro and their retailers have embraced this innovative and exciting new helmet tower. A re-order of the trees followed shortly after the initial introduction.


Giro sought to further reinforce their leadership position in independent bicycle retailers with a comprehensive wall display system. The goals for the program included: To provide a family of strongly branded, cohesive display elements that could serve individually or as a group. To establish a strong presence in crowded retail environments. To help carve out a Giro-centric area on a store's wall.

Giro Wall System

The strongly branded display family provides a highly flexible approach to displaying Giro's products and reinforcing the brand. This display family has strengthened Giro's already strong hold on the bike helmet market. The displays are currently in wide distribution in the United States, Europe, Canada, and the Pacific Rim.


Create a freestanding tower display which will hold 18-20 helmets and occupy a small footprint at retail. The display must work with existing Giro helmet brackets and be modular to accommodate varying numbers of SKU's. The display must exhibit strong brand presence and have the ability to change its look seasonally. Giro created this display to introduce their line of snow sport helmets, but desired the flexibility to use the display for their bike helmets as well.

Giro Helmet Display

The display helped introduce Giro's line of helmets into the snow sports category. Retailers were amazed at the density of product and the flexibility in placement. Each retailer was supplied with seasonal graphic inserts which could be easily interchanged. The success of this display prompted Giro's bike helmet division to adopt the display for their use as well. A new version of this highly successful tower was introduced a few years later.